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Akin, is a Nigerian Born creative who was first introduced into modeling when a friend of his—someone who he looked up to at the time—convinced him he could break down barriers of masculinity within his community. He notes how easy it was for white counter parts to emote on, and off, camera with no restrictions. He felt as if black men should have the same opportunity. One of his favorite clients is Buck Mason, of which he always speaks highly of. He notes his inspiration in the from of capturing his nephews on camera. The innocence they portray reminds him of how he must be uninhibited on camera. Old pictures of his father also connect him to the roots that make his individuality. His unmatched fluidness on camera shows how he channels all to create the best image. 
His motto for staying authentic, be in tune with your emotions, be empathetic with others, and  trust your creative intuition, always.

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