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Cole is a creative at heart. While the expression of that creativity has been fluid and ever-changing throughout her life, a love for the creative process is at the core of everything she does. What she loves most about modeling are the connections she makes with other creatives, just as passionate about what they do as she is. Cole is a marketing professional and graphic designer by day, and a loving cat-mom and partner by night. In her free time she enjoys spending time in nature and tending to her garden, reading literature, going to concerts, traveling, and experiencing new cultures. She is an animal lover and vegetarian who fosters kittens, and cares deeply about environmental and social justice issues. Cole is also passionate about health and wellness. Having suffered from multiple chronic illnesses in early adulthood—of which she's now in remission from— Cole became determined to find answers when doctors could not figure out what was wrong with her. This process facilitated a renewed sense of connection with her body, and that connection shows in her work. Check out her work below. 

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