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Magi Tareke founded My Shoes Your Shoes (MSYShoes) in 2014 to supply shoes for young women, who often have to walk barefoot, in developing countries to aid them in walking to  school comfortably and safely. Originally born and raised in the small village Adwa in northern Ethiopia, Magi, whose real name is Mearg, has also graduated with her Doctorate of Pharmaceutical Sciences and established herself as a professional model. A little unknown fact about this  previous ABC's "Bachelor" Candidate is that her career in modeling actually didn't' start until she moved to the U.S. When she arrived, her distinct looks and energy on set made her an instant success. Mearg has a love of culture and when she's not working or studying, she loves to explore historical buildings. Mearg also has a bit of a competitive side and will gladly take you up on a game of ping pong.  These days, she splits her time between being a pharmacist and an in-demand model, of which is not a very common side hustle.

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