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Journalist, poet, and social entrepreneur, Sarah bridges cross-cultural gaps through storytelling in the forms of photography, film, spoken word, and journalism. She has lived in the Middle East, Europe, North and Central America. For several years Sarah spent time in refugee camps in Jordan, Kenya, and across Europe, documenting the lives of young women and girls. Sarah is also the founder of More to Her Story—a nonprofit that seeks to amplify the stories of marginalized young women and girls around the world. She also hosts "More to Her Story: The Podcast"( a podcast centered around the issues she's committed to changing with her non profit. She currently serves as the youngest Social Innovation Fellow at The Lewis Institute of Babson College.  Now, Sarah spends her time in New York City, making sure she's not far from the camera. Most recently Sarah was honored with a mural  painted of her in Amman Jordan, which won several awards at the Baladk Street art Festival.

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